Cloud Softphone is a universal Voip client.

On this page you can download application for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod). With this app, users of those devices can use VoIP Calling services anywhere they want.


Cloud Softphone - Best of both Wifi & 3G connection

- Access the App Store from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, search for Cloud Softphone and install it.

- Under Cloud ID enter 7777 and tap the sign in button (DON'T enter password here).

- Open Cloud Softphone. If prompted to allow the application to access your contacts or send push notifications, tap "OK".

- Enter your account username and password, and tap the "Done" button.

- Once you see status "registered" is displayed, you are ready to place your calls!

* To re-enter the username/password, or to change account, tap the application's menu button -> "Settings" -> "Account Setup".


Cloud Softphone

This dialer is for iphone,ipad, ipod.
Dialers work well with both 3G and Wifi internet